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Respecting (and Recruiting) Law Enforcement


It has been a tough year for the rule of law and law enforcement in certain parts of our country. Violent crime has surged in big cities nationwide, and some politicians have gutted officers’ ability to respond to tough situations. Rioting and looting have devastated many communities. And calls to “defund the police” have turned into actual budget cuts for the officers who do so much to keep us safe.


So far this year in New York City, more than 2,000 NYPD officers have resigned because more than $1 billion dollars was cut from the NYPD budget. To date, resignations are up 87% from last year, and those resignations include the Chief of Patrol.


As Seattle looks at cutting $49 million dollars from its police department (on top of cuts already made), they too are seeing mass resignations. In September, for example, more than twice as many resignations were announced as any month on record. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned earlier this year, saying that she was put “in a position destined to fail” due to budget cuts to a department already understaffed.


Minneapolis is expecting more than three times as many officers to resign by March of 2021 as in a normal year. Portland saw more than 100 consecutive days of unrest as police budgets have been cut (with more cuts proposed), and officer retirements hit a record high in August. The story repeats in big city after big city.


It doesn’t have to be this way. In South Dakota, we salute law enforcement for their hard work to keep our communities safe and strong. While other states and cities are demonizing police officers, we’re forging a different path. I recently announced a recruitment campaign to fill open positions within South Dakota’s Departments of Public Safety, Corrections, and Game, Fish and Parks.


To law enforcement across the country, if you are in a city or state that no longer respects the hard work that you do to keep your neighbors safe, South Dakota is open for you. We’d love to have you join us.


The career opportunities available in South Dakota are ideal for individuals who want to live, work, and play in a state that respects freedom and personal responsibility. We offer competitive benefits for our employees, and we have the friendliest tax environment in the nation.


America is the greatest nation this world has ever known, and that didn’t happen by accident. Our country is great because of our ideals, specifically our respect for equality, freedom, and opportunity. But we can only achieve these ideals if we also respect the rule of law and the men and women in law enforcement who work every day to uphold it.


To law enforcement already serving us in South Dakota, thank you! We support you, and we will continue to stand with you each and every day. South Dakota will also continue to respect the key principles that make America special, even if other cities and states won’t. So together, please remember to thank law enforcement for everything that they do. And may God continue to bless them in their service.