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Absinth Wormwood Added to the Statewide Noxious Weed List

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Brenda Sievers, 605.773.3623


Absinth Wormwood Added to the Statewide Noxious Weed List


PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Weed & Pest Control Commission added Absinth wormwood, also known as wormwood sage, to the statewide noxious weed list. Absinth wormwood is a minty fragranced perennial with heavy, fibrous roots that requires early spring or fall detection.


Landowners are now required to control Absinth wormwood on their property and should be prepared to control the noxious weed during the 2021 growing season. Effective control measures include herbicide treatment prior to the plant reaching 12 inches tall. In 2020, county weed and pest boards reported approximately 178,000 acres infested with Absinth wormwood in South Dakota.


Previously, Absinth wormwood was listed as a locally noxious weed in more than 40 counties. Adding it to the statewide noxious weed list allows for uniform control across the state. Absinth wormwood joins six other statewide noxious weeds including Canada thistle, hoary cress, leafy spurge, perennial sow thistle, purple loosestrife, and salt cedar.


In other action, the Commission removed Russian Knapweed from the statewide noxious weed list due its limited presence in South Dakota.


If you have any questions on noxious weed control, please visit https://sdda.sd.gov/ag-services/weed-and-pest-control/weed-pest-control/sd-state-noxious-weed-declared-pest-list-and-distribution-maps/default.aspx or contact your local county weed supervisor or the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.