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PUC encourages South Dakotans to thank a lineman on National Lineman Appreciation Day

CONTACT: Leah Mohr, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, (605) 773-3201 or (605) 280-4327

PUC encourages South Dakotans to thank a lineman on National Lineman Appreciation Day

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission is celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day on April 18 by encouraging South Dakotans to thank the men and women who work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity throughout our state and across the country.

“We are tremendously grateful for the hard work and dedication of our linemen. When a storm hits or disaster strikes, they respond, working all hours of the day, often in extremely difficult conditions, to get power to those who need it and protect the public,” said PUC Chairman Chris Nelson.

“In many ways, the work linemen do to build, maintain and restore electric service power the lives of their customers and that’s never been more true than in the past year. Reliable energy has been essential as we’ve navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and while many of us were working safely from home, our lineworkers continued to answer calls for help. For that, we can’t thank them enough,” Vice Chairperson Kristie Fiegen stated.

“Linemen work a dangerous job responding to emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s not rare that an emergency takes them far from home and their loved ones or causes them to miss special occasions. These brave front line workers deserve much appreciation for the commitment they show and work they do,” declared Commissioner Gary Hanson.

National Lineman Appreciation Day was established by Congress in 2013 in recognition of those who work tirelessly to keep the lights on in our communities. On April 18, you can use #ThankALineman on social media to show your support for the 115,000 lineworkers in the U.S. who are always there to support our communities.

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