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Joe Biden’s First 100 Days – Disunity and Partisanship


When Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2021, he declared that “my whole soul is in this: bringing America together . . . and uniting our nation.” He pledged to be a President for all Americans.


Now almost 100 days into his Presidency, Joe Biden has failed in that pledge.


He has signed (as of this writing) an astonishing forty Executive Orders. These actions have infringed on Americans’ second amendment rights by implementing gun control measures. He has revoked a number of President Trump’s actions that strengthened our economy and supported businesses. He has mandated mask use on federal property. He has expanded welfare programs, weakened our voting process, and made it easier for illegal immigrants to enter the United States.


Most recently, he has created a commission to review the size of the Supreme Court, with the clear intention of expanding the number of Justices. The United States Supreme Court has had nine Justices since 1869 – more than 150 years. The President once called this court-packing effort a “bonehead idea,” but now supports it so he can continue to implement his radical agenda.


His misguided policies on immigration have led to a situation that seemingly grows worse by the day. Our nation is less safe as a result, as terrorists have been apprehended crossing the border.


His energy policies have resulted in the elimination of thousands of jobs across the country, including many right here in South Dakota. It’s no coincidence that gas prices are skyrocketing as a result.


In March, President Biden signed an unprecedented $1.9 trillion federal spending package, more than the federal government’s discretionary budget for an entire year. This irresponsible bill received zero Republican support in Congress, only passing because Vice President Kamala Harris cast the deciding vote to begin Senate debate. This stark partisanship is telling, because all previous COVID-related measures received bipartisan support.


President Biden is also proposing more than $2 trillion in new spending on a broad swath of programs he’s calling the “care economy.” This astonishingly large package is being marketed as an infrastructure bill, but it includes billions of dollars in expanded social programs. Massive tax increases over the next 15 years would cover only a portion of this wasteful proposal and it would dramatically drive up our existing $28 trillion national debt.


And on top of all this new spending, President Biden is also proposing to increase the “regular” federal discretionary budget by an additional 8 percent.


It’s no wonder that the President has reversed course yet again and urged the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate – an important part of our democracy that ensures a measure of bipartisanship in Congress – because political gamesmanship is the only way he can pass these huge spending increases.


After 100 days, Joe Biden’s partisanship has sewn disunity and made it clear that he is not a President for all Americans.