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DOR partners with DPS in adding new functionalities to the DMV Now Kiosks

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Contact: Stacey Anderson, Marketing & Communications Specialist, 605-773-5869


PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakotans can now complete five different transactions by using a DMV Now Kiosk.  


Earlier this summer, the Department of Revenue launched not only a new look to the DMV Now Kiosk, but also doubled the number of locations for drivers to access the kiosks.


Transaction types include:


  1. Updating contact information,
  2. Renewing a driver license or ID card,
  3. Renewing a vehicle’s registration,
  4. Printing a seller’s permit, and
  5. Reporting the sale of a vehicle.


Kiosk usage has increased 180% in a 5-year span, from 53,069 kiosk users in Fiscal Year 2017 to 148,483 kiosk users in Fiscal Year 2021.


Rosa Yaeger, Director of the Motor Vehicle Division explains, “The Department is excited about the kiosk growth over the years. By adding more machines, locations, and functionality, the goal is to keep that growth momentum going. Our hope is that each kiosk helps to expand access of motor vehicle services for South Dakotans.”


Jane Schrank, Director of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety’s Driver License program, said, “This is another cooperative effort between the two state government agencies and it is the public who benefits. It is easy to renew your driver’s license at a kiosk or online and people find that it saves them a lot of time.”


South Dakotans can complete a transaction at any kiosk across the state. The kiosk does not have to be in the same county you live in. Please bring your South Dakota driver’s license or ID card and have a form of payment ready (credit or debit card). For information on how to use a DMV Now Kiosk, please visit: https://dor.sd.gov/newsroom/how-to-use-a-dmv-now-kiosk/