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Gov. Noem Signs Bills into Law

March 7, 2022

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem signed 24 bills into law:


  • SB 1 codifies legislation enacted in 2021.
  • SB 2 publishes voter-approved initiated constitutional amendments and initiated measures in the session laws.
  • SB 6 revises provisions related to prohibited conduct by schools and landlords related to medical cannabis.
  • SB 7 revises provisions related to custody and visitation rights by medical cannabis cardholders.
  • SB 15 revises provisions providing that certain professions are not subject to discipline for certain conduct relating to medical cannabis.
  • SB 17 revises provisions regarding cost reimbursement associated with medical cannabis.
  • SB 68 revises holiday pay for state employees.
  • SB 101 revises provisions regarding the sale or service of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of twenty-one.
  • SB 148 revises annuity sales standards.
  • HB 1001 revises the freeze on assessments for dwellings of disabled and senior citizens.
  • HB 1013 makes an appropriation for certain costs related to Capitol Lake.
  • HB 1018 makes an appropriation for the construction of a storage garage in Rapid City.
  • HB 1019 makes an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses.
  • HB 1037 revises the penalty for certain willful violations by grain buyers and grain warehouse operators.
  • HB 1060 consolidates certain domestication provisions in the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
  • HB 1079 revises provisions regarding court transcript costs.
  • HB 1082 revises the motor vehicle excise tax on vehicles leased for more than twenty-eight days to include certain off-road vehicles.
  • HB 1087 revises certain provisions regarding records that are not open to inspection and copying and deliberations in an executive or closed meeting.
  • HB 1118 clarifies when a delivery facilitation contractor may be considered an independent contractor.
  • HB 1122 requires criminal background checks for medical technicians and advanced life support personnel.
  • HB 1123 establishes licensure for rural emergency hospitals.
  • HB 1128 protects the integrity of reemployment assistance.
  • HB 1131 provides for a revocation of hunting, trapping, or fishing privileges.
  • HB 1286 permits municipalities to contribute more to the cost of insurance provided to certain officers or retired employees.


Governor Noem has signed 86 bills into law and vetoed one this legislative session.